we jump forward for more impact

and join forces with Springbok Agency.

05 dec 2022, dimitri barbe

transforming CSR into strategic communication 

A fight for positive change, that’s what embodies our 20 awesome impact makers. A warm-hearted team, full of beautiful people who detect and analyse corporate social responsibility. To transform it into strategic communication, creative concepts and meaningful content. With impact.

But we had dreams. To create more robust communication, enabling us to generate even more impactful change. That’s why we were on the lookout for a strong and complementary partner.

branding & technology agency with purpose

Which we found in Springbok. Thé branding & technology agency for a sustainable future. Delivering added value with purpose, data and creativity. Springbok always puts brands and their mission first. To elevate all digital partnerships, allowing them to grow strategically. Just like we do.

We match perfectly, skills-wise. But more importantly: we’ve also found each other on a humane level. Thanks to our shared values and purpose. We both believe that brands have the power to positively shape their business and society.


moving forward for sustainable impact

If it all adds up and everything feels right…. you should take a chance.

So we’ve become part of Springbok. To pack an even bigger punch and to generate more positive impact. Springbok’s branding & technology expertise merges strategically with our skills. Allowing us to help brands with an open-minded attitude, who are ready for the future and its everchanging needs. Together.

put into practice?  

Not a lot will change. Our impact makers keep working from our creative loft in Ghent. For the time being, we’ll continue operating with the same name, website, email signatures and phone numbers. And we are more than excited for the future. To create powerful campaigns, with the added strength of data performance, technology and marketing automation. For more positive impact!



What this means for your campaigns?

We are excited to tell you all about it.