digital sustainability report for Agristo

digital sustainability report with an integrated GRI chart for the fries of the future

05 jan 2023,

‘How we make sure we’ll still have potatoes to love in the faraway future’. The first line on the golden yellowish cover of Agristo’s sustainability report immediately draws all the attention. The potato manufacturer knocked on our doors to write, edit, design and digitalize the entire paper.

Potato processing company Agristo has been a fan favourite of anyone who loves the authentic taste of fries, croquettes and other potato products since 1986. It’s the go-to potato company of anyone who choses quality, flavour and the cosiness of dining together. The ‘partner in potatoes’ produces not only for anyone who loves to devour fries from time to time, but also for anyone who cares about future generations of potato lovers. That’s why they’ve made an integral sustainability report including a sustainable growth strategy for 2023.

digital sustainability report in line with the global reporting initiative

That strategy turned out to be a transparent sustainability report from a to z. Or should we say from potato to fries, croquettes, wedges, gratin or mashed potatoes… Also featuring all activities of the entire Agristo group. To get to know the family business, our team planned a company visit to one of the Agristo locations. CSR manager Jo started writing while Agristo’s sustainability department delivered all necessary documents to verify the report with exact numbers and relevant data. Key assets of the report? Correct, substantiated data and total transparency. Another added value is the integration of a detailed Global Reporting Initiative chart. Which answers to the most recent GRI standards, thé internationally acclaimed criteria on sustainability reporting. And therefore, instantly making the report future proof.

Content director Karen took the lead in copywriting the entire paper. After interviewing CEO’s Hannelore Raes and Filip Wallays , she created an inspiring and personal ‘Potatoholics’ foreword. Graphic artist Floris designed a tasteful report. The plat du jour: a digital English-written sustainability report as fresh as the potatoes themselves. With a matching golden yellow cover of course. What else?

The 72-page report was shared enthusiastically with all Potatoholics and stake holders. On the sustainability page of the website you can read the report in full. To further increase the awareness around Agristo’s sustainable and transparent vision on the future.  


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