what is social media marketing?

5 tips for a kick-ass social media strategy

27 feb 2023, fenna bullen

Social media, you either love it or hate it. Sure thing is: the impact on your marketing targets is undeniable. But what is social media marketing? And more importantly: how do you use it for a kick-ass social media strategy. We've read, studied, and analysed trend reports and predictions for 2023. To summarise all there is to know on social media marketing. Discover our 5 tips and we promise you those clicks, likes, ROI, shares and reposts will follow instantly. Cool, like and save.

take one: short-form video

“Video killed the radio star”. Feeling a bit nostalgic? Us too. Although, these lyrics do have a rather prophetic ring to them. Fact is: video rules the online world. If you want to be relevant on social media, you better create some insanely good video content. No, there is no need to craft your very own Oscar-worthy short film. 60 seconds, that's all you need. Short-form video is king. Which was already the case in 2022, but trend reports state that using short videos will even get bigger this year. Walhalla for short-video content? No surprises there: TikTok. The Chinese social media giant remains in power in 2023. But also Insta Reels and YouTube shorts will take you places in this short-form video era.


social media marketing: think strategically

The hidden trap in your strategy? Multi-purpose content: one post to copy and paste on all your channels. It may sound logical, but consumers use different platforms for different reasons. So use that knowledge. A good social media strategy enhances the goals of your platforms while also defining who you want to reach on them. This goes beyond analysing demographics: find out why your consumers use that exact platform.


go, go, SEO

Google, are you ok? Nearly half of Gen Z uses Instagram and TikTok as their main search engine. Time to start using keywords on your social media channels. You don’t really click with these youngsters? Well, you may want to try. According to trend reports Gen Z is the largest generational group since 2020. Surpassing millennials by 4 million. They will all enter the work force by 2026 and – of course - gain a lot of spending power. Eventually they may become the most important target audience in your B2C story. So what are you waiting for? Target, target, target. By using interesting keywords on your socials. Tip: analyse your existing keyword plan and make a list of the most relevant Gen Z keywords to create successful social media content.


creatorship on Linkedln

 It may sound odd since LinkedIn is one of the oldest platforms around, but the social media channel is on the rise. How? Social engagement and creatorship. Creators – read: not only influencers, but also existing customers – create user generated content. Which works really well on LinkedIn. Content creators use the platform, in a very unique and personal way, to showcase their expertise in their respective fields. Your company can do the same. By creating a mini knowledge centre on LinkedIn. Yes, please.


customer service as social media marketing

Happy customers, happy brand. This year, try to bring customer service to social media. Your customers likely spend most of their screen time on social media. Use that power. Show that you are engaged and tangible. Realness, trust and transparency are still important consumer trends. Especially for those influential young people we've mentioned before. By showing you listen to your customers on social media, you naturally carry out those values. Isn't that nice?


gen z, creatorship, user generated content… are you lost? 

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