‘we’re going to write history here’: make sense on kanaal z

14 dec 2018, dimitri barbe

Brand Senses is no more: from here on in we’ll be known as ‘make sense.’

On Tuesday 27 November 2018 we showed our true colours during ‘time to make sense’ – a blue and red feast (for the taste buds) in Ghent’s trendiest neighbourhood. 

why is it ‘time to make sense’?

The time is right and our team is more than ready for this: we’ll be harnessing our passion and expertise to breathe life into communications, offer a fresh take on advertising, and telling stories with a vision. We want to make the world a better place, both with and for the brands of tomorrow. The name of the event was also a nod to our network. That’s because long before our rebranding was made public, we’d already revealed our new identity under the motto ‘no better place to hide than in plain sight’ – on Twitter, LinkedIn, my bike, our shared electric car, in the newsletter, in our loft and even on the facade of our building.

blue and red: CSR and creation

The colours of our corporate identity represent passion and trust, balance and emotion, but above all our two-pronged approach as a sustainable full-service communications agency. We look for our partners’ positive impact (CSR advice) and package this in creative campaigns that strike the right chord with their target audience (creation, communication). In this way, every one of our campaigns is sustainably underpinned.

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