we help brands make sense

make sense is a communication agency that is fully committed to sustainability. 

We seek out the positive impact of committed businesses and translate it into sustainable communication, concepts, projects, events, and campaigns. We give your brand a sense of direction, allowing your target group to automatically make the right associations. However, before taking on the world with you, we lay down three questions on our brainstorming table.

do you make sense?

Our team builds brands with a story. We provide a voice to organisations that make a difference. Day in, day out – each in their own (sustainable!) way. Impact is key to us. Because strong brands make the world go round.


does your story make sense?

It’s one thing to invest in change, putting it out there in a big way is something else entirely.
With a strong concept and effective message you can put your brand of the future on the map today. Successful campaigns have three things in common: they are original, clear, and – most of all – relevant. Still there? Rethink your narrative. And don’t forget to stay involved, because the world waits for no-one.

we are already making these brands’ heads spin, and they ours


how can we make sense for you?

Simple: just as your brand is relevant to your target group, our team is relevant to your brand.
From art director to CSR consultant, we all believe in the impact of sustainability. We have a nose for interesting developments and are as driven as we are experienced when it comes to sustainable communication.

With corporate social responsibility as our compass, we find out where your added value truly lies. This way, we find the link between your company, your target group, and the future.

the faces behind the difference we make

we help brands make sense

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