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make sense is a socially and environmentally committed communication agency. Officially registered as an impact company and certified as a B Corp (short for Benefit Corporation), we seek to use business as a force for good. Guided by our CSR consultant Jo, we bring your positive impact to light to translate it into bold strategies and creative content that contribute to society. 

We help you make sense


csr advice

Each brand is different and unique, and so is each communication project. Because you deliberately choose communication with a positive impact, each project includes CSR advice, advice on how you can implement corporate social responsibility (even more). By default, this implies a CSR scan and CSR guidance throughout the communication process. If you want to share your sustainable decisions with the world immediately, we draw up an authentic sustainability charter or report as well.

csr workshop

Sustainability is not a defined product – it’s a mindset. A way of looking at things, thinking, living and doing business. If you want your company to become more sustainable, but are still looking to take the first steps, you can sign up for a CSR workshop. It introduces you to key sustainability aspects for your organisation and formulates a number of initiatives which appeal to your diverse target groups.

sustainability charter

If you want to do more than just communicate this snapshot internally and would like to share it with your (potential) customers, partners and other people close to you, we will turn it into a charter. The sustainability charter is a statement you share with the outside world. This is how you openly demonstrate your social commitment to your diverse target groups.

csr scan

If you turn to us for your communication needs, we will first take a snapshot of your sustainability efforts. We assess your sustainability goals and the specific measures you have taken to achieve them, then draw up a briefing document. The CSR scan provides the basis for your communication strategy and its creative implementation.

sustainability report

If you like planning ahead, we develop the charter into an action plan or sustainability report. This report does not merely provide you with a state of affairs, it sets out your sustainability strategy: it contains the goals you want to achieve, the measures you have already taken, and those you are planning to take in both the short and long term. In doing so, you secure your purpose and ensure that you continue to evolve with the world, even in five, ten or twenty years' time.

csr advice

sustainability communication

As soon as we’re familiar with your sustainable story, we share it with your various target groups. We determine a communication strategy together, translate it into a creative concept and implement this in various ways – ranging from a new website, a compelling communication campaign or a vibrant event to full (re)branding.


Your new, flashy communication campaign does not only feature strong (sustainable) content, it also follows a clear strategy. Together we determine your communication goal and the fastest – or rather – best way to get there. We provide the foundation for a strategic concept, which we then get to work with creatively.


Before we roll out your communication plan, we’ll blow you away with a creative concept – a creative framework to support the entire campaign. It’s the implementation of that concept that ensures brand awareness among your various target groups, that makes sure your message is heard and understood, that makes your company relevant. With the right strategy and a captivating concept, we increase your positive impact on your environment.

sustainability communication



From account manager to art director, we all believe in the power of communication and the impact of sustainability. Together with our customers we want to make the world more sustainable. ‘FUCK living on Mars!', that’s our motto. We prefer exploring our own planet.

Corporate social responsibility is the answer to both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. As ambassadors of the world, we deliberately opt for sustainable suppliers and relationships, transparent invoices and an energy-efficient data centre for your website. And we’re addicted to riding our bikes. For distances of, let’s say, more than twenty kilometres, we share an electric pool car.

We gladly give our all for a creative pitch, but we do want something in return. If you request different agencies to pitch, we ask for a symbolic contribution of € 1500 to Because We Carry, a Dutch NGO which supports refugees in Lesbos, offering a nutritious breakfast and a listening ear to those in need. As a result, we make sense together all the same. If you already want to support them, you can make a donation to NL87 TRIO 0338 6081 09 (BIC: TRIONL2U).

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